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Winter Kerb Appeal - Maximising the saleability of your home in winter

19/12/22Winter Kerb Appeal - Maximising the saleability of your home in winter

Winter is the cosy season, with dark nights, flickering firelight and excitement for the festivities over Christmas. However, it can also be the bleakest season too, with plenty of rain and cold. Winter is traditionally a quieter time for house-moving than the summer months, however, the market is still very much open for business. Here we look at how you could improve your chances of a successful house sale, even in the winter.

Maximising your home

There’s nothing better than visualising returning home after a cold, wet day outside. You picture walking into a cosy, well-lit house, cooking a delicious dinner in a beautiful kitchen and then curling up in front of the fire. This is the image that gets us all through the winter and this is what you need to focus on when selling your home.

If there’s a blizzard raging outside there is a good chance that potential buyers will still be scrolling through the internet looking at houses. You need to make sure your photos are the best they can be, up to date and relevant for the winter months, including outside pictures. The garden won’t have the summer blooms on display so why not dress the outside with festive lighting instead? Make sure the garden is neat and tidy, with leaves swept up and that your gutters and downpipes are leak free in the event of it raining during your viewings. Keeping on top of maintenance during this season is critical. Make sure you have a clean doormat and somewhere prepared for coats and shoes to be left neatly out of the way.

When dressing the inside to its maximum potential, think lighting and warmth. Decorate rooms with attractive throws and winter scented candles. Have the fire or wood burner lit to entice people in and make them feel relaxed. If it’s festive time, Christmas decorations can add a warm, cheery feel to your home but make sure they’re not too overpowering and go for a high quality, understated look.

Advantages of a winter sale

Believe it or not there are advantages to a winter sale. Although you may get fewer viewings, those who make the effort to leave the comfort of their home to look around another are generally committed and serious about buying a new home. Fewer homes on the market mean less competition too. During the peak season to sell your home there are many on the market at the same time, whereas many people tend to avoid the winter months if they can. With fewer houses to choose from potential buyers should be quicker to make an offer if they like what they see.

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