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Problems with your roof?

26/02/24Problems with your roof?

Your house roof is a vital component of your home and if it has any weaknesses or defects you may find all kinds of problems can develop. When an RICS surveyor carries out a home survey, roofs are absolutely key to the assessment.

Is your roof leaking?

If any slates or tiles become damaged or fall off then water may have been able to get into the roof space. It may not have done though –if the felt or other membrane is in good condition, you may be lucky, in the short term at least. Damage to chimney flashings and other leadwork can also allow water into your home, if the pointing or lead has been dislodged.

Water can pass right into the heart of a building via a chimney breast and can show as damp patches in bedrooms and ceilings. An RICS surveyor will spot these tell-tale signs and flag them up as potential problems that may need attention.

If water gets into your roof it can cause serious damage to the timbers and of course to the ceilings and walls of rooms below. The first sign of a leak in your roof may be when you spot damp patches in your bedrooms.

Rotting fascias and leaky guttering are other obvious defects that a surveyor will look out for.  Any small holes in a roof will provide scope to rodents and birds to work their way into looking for shelter, or a place to build their own home!  Squirrels in particular can wreak havoc in a very short space of time.    

Buying a home?

If you are looking to buy a property, a Level 3 Home Survey report includes detailed information about the structure and fabric of the property. This is advisable for large, older properties, properties in poor condition, or if you are planning to carry out renovation work or major structural changes or extensions.

If you have limited experience of construction and renovation, then one of our qualified surveyors can give you a good idea of what will be needed to restore it.

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