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Peace of mind – when to choose Home Survey Level 3

09/05/23Peace of mind – when to choose Home Survey Level 3

We have a variety of options when it comes to carrying out assessments relating to the condition and value of all types of property – be they residential dwellings, or agricultural or industrial. At Forge Property Consultants, one of our key specialisms is home surveys. We’ve already talked about the range of surveys available to our clients, with increased levels of detail from three different survey types. In this blog we’d like to focus on our RICS Home Survey Level 3 Report.

Focus on the detail

The Home Survey Level 3 Report is our most in-depth and comprehensive survey. The Level 3 survey includes detailed information about the structure and fabric of the property. It will include an assessment of the age and condition of the building materials, and the structure’s stability. It is the survey to choose for larger, older properties, for properties in poorer condition, or if you are planning to carry out renovation work or major structural changes or extensions. It will provide a detailed snapshot of the building as it stands and the areas which may need to be looked at to prevent further deterioration – or to make it safe and habitable, or simply to improve its energy-efficiency with an upgrade.

At your service

We’ll carry out a thorough inspection and compile a detailed report that includes a wider range of issues than the Level 2 report. This greater detail allows us to really delve into the construction and structure of the building. This includes providing descriptions of visible defects and potential problems that could be caused by hidden flaws – for example, what is causing cracking to walls or ceilings, or mysterious patches of damp? We will also provide an outline of repair options and the likely consequences of inactivity if they are not addressed. There will also be some advice offered for our client’s solicitor or legal advisor. Finally, we’ll also provide details – depending on the age and condition of the building – of serious risks and dangers, due to the current shape the building is in. However, the RICS Level 3 Building Survey doesn’t include a valuation of the property in its present state, nor an estimated cost of repair. We can provide these as an extra service though.

Above and beyond

A new and innovative addition to our surveying offering is our ability to carry out a variety of aerial surveys via remote-controlled drone. Our ‘eye in the sky’ can gain unprecedented access to areas of a structure that were formerly inaccessible and all-but-impossible to fully evaluate. The drone can be used to assess the higher areas of the buildings in detail, such as the chimneys and lead flashings, or of pointing on the ridge tiles. We can survey the roof in its entirety, to comment on roof coverings such as slates and tiles, and assess their integrity. Taken as a whole, our drone surveys provide us with a wealth of useful information and our drone survey is included as part of our RICS Home Survey Level 3 Report. This is another reason that makes our Level 3 survey the most wide-ranging and substantial report available for owners, buyers and sellers of property. It’s the one to consider if you really want a comprehensive assessment of a building. 

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can assess the condition and development potential of your property with a Home Survey Level 3 Report, then please get in touch today.

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