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It’s a sign – guide to countryside road signs

21/08/22It’s a sign – guide to countryside road signs

Winding country roads, never-ending patchwork hills, rapid flowing brooks, crystal clear lakes and ancient woodlands. The British countryside has never been so appealing. With holidays abroad still difficult after the pandemic, people are flocking to the countryside for their holidays. This is great for UK tourism but only if the rules of the countryside are respected and adhered to. Read on to find out more about what countryside signs mean.

There’s no better way to see the delights of the countryside than a stroll along the many footpaths. Yellow arrow signs are used to waymark public footpaths. Blue arrows indicate bridleways, and the purple arrows indicate a restricted byway. These should be peaceful and safe for walkers, just be aware that they are open to horses, cyclists, mobility aid users and horse drawn carriages too.

Sometimes you will see a ‘permissive path’ marker. This is a footpath where the landowner has granted permission allowing public use. This can mean you might find yourself around livestock, so you will need to respect this, especially if you have a dog with you. Ensure you keep your dog under strict control. Even the most placid, gentle family pet can cause absolute havoc amongst farm animals and it’s simply not worth the risk.

Driving in the countryside can be beautiful but driving on rural roads can be hazardous. Potentially dangerous traffic, such as tractors and other large vehicles, can be on the roads. Be considerate of those working in the countryside, take instructions from farmers when animals are crossing and ensure that you don’t park blocking any gates. Ensure you slow down for horses, pedestrians, cyclists and farm animals.

A patchwork field strewn with litter isn’t the picturesque countryside view you had in mind, so always ensure you take home any litter or bag it up and pop it in a public bin. We all enjoy eating outside, especially a delicious meal prepared on a barbeque but be careful with naked flames and only barbeque where it explicitly says you are allowed to and dispose of safely. Remember, disposable barbeques remain hot and dangerous long after you have finished with them.

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