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How to diversify your farm business

17/04/23How to diversify your farm business

The second series of Clarksons Farm has proved so popular that it broke Amazon Prime’s viewing records, becoming one of the UK’s most watched shows within days of release. Having tried sheep farming in series 1, Jeremy has turned to beef cattle in series 2 but is very aware he needs to diversify for the farm’s economic survival. At the centre of this series’ shenanigans, is the struggle faced by Diddly Squat Farm in the face of the loss of EU subsidies following Brexit.

A crowdfunding exercise started in the week of the new series’ launch has raised tens of thousands of pounds to support one dairy farmer featured, whose herd has been ravaged by bovine TB. There’s no doubt that the programme really has raised awareness among the general public of just how difficult it is to stay afloat in farming, and the TB story line clearly struck a chord with many people. Of course, most modern farms in Britain are not run by multi-millionaire media personalities and don’t feature on global streaming services. However, many of them are also facing the challenge of how to diversify effectively.

How to diversify effectively

Diddly Squat had already experimented with a farm shop, as many of our own local farms have done. The Diddly Squat Farm Shop sells its own food and goods, but also supports other local producers too. This is the ideal way to diversify your own farm shop further to include more items which people might like, but which you cannot produce on your own farm, from items such as craft beer, honey, cheese and preserves, to clothes and home gifts.

Take professional advice

Diddly Squat has taken the further step along the diversification route with the desire to open a restaurant, selling its own produce, along with that of some of its neighbours, with much chaos ensuing, on screen at least. Clearly, it’s really important before investing in any form of diversification, to take professional advice, particularly when it comes to matters such as planning. Engaging with the planning office to find out what options are open to you and the action you need to take to secure permission is essential. Regardless of your diversification project, you must make sure that all necessary permissions are in place, before committing yourself to any kind of large investment.

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