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Going green from the top down

24/07/23Going green from the top down

The green roof at our Shropshire office has been particularly beautiful this year, absolutely smothered in sedum flowers throughout the summer. If you are looking for an energy efficient, environmentally friendly solution for your roof, then a ‘living’ roof is well worth considering. Here are six reasons why.

  1. A green roof will help improve the sustainability of your drainage system, helping to counter flooding and reducing run off, with water stored in the plants and substrate.
  2. Your roof will last longer. A living roof may double or even triple the lifespan of your roof, withstanding wind, rain, sunlight and extremes of temperature.
  3. Green roofs offer great insulation, improving the energy efficiency of your building so reducing your costs for heating and air conditioning too.
  4. Your living roof will help you do your bit to meet the requirements of Net Zero by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from your building.
  5. Green roofs help support biodiversity, by creating habitats that attract birds and other wildlife too.
  6. Finally, your green roof will help improve the air quality in your neighbourhood by reducing sulphur dioxide, nitrous acid and dust.

If you are seriously considering going green with your roof, remember that typically one of these living roofs is comparatively heavy, around 2.5 times the weight of slate, so always get structural advice before embarking on a living roof project. It is also more expensive per square metre when compared to the cost of slate. Don’t forget that it will also require some maintenance to keep it in good condition too.


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