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‘Droning on’ about aerial surveys

29/01/24‘Droning on’ about aerial surveys

Drones for work or leisure pursuits are now quite a frequent sight when you are out and about. Increasingly used for making deliveries, drones are used by journalists, search and rescue teams, firefighting, wildlife monitoring, agriculture and much more. They are an invaluable tool for the surveying profession too.

Drone surveys for our RICS Home Surveys

Using a remote-controlled drone has cut down on the time that a detailed roof survey can take our building surveying team. Before we had a drone, we had to rely on binoculars, ladders and a good head for heights if we wanted to take a close look at a roof. Drones have made roof surveys safer, quicker and easier and also increased the accuracy of data recorded too.

Using our drone means we can capture high resolution photographs and video footage, not only of an entire roof expanse, but also of tiny details too, highlighting potential issues or maintenance challenges.

Our Senior Building Surveyor and drone pilot, Dave Bates, flies our drone to assist him in carrying out numerous Home Surveys, along with his more traditional surveying skills. Our drone team is compliant with the Civil Aviation Authority regulations for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

A drone survey can be included as part of our Home Survey Level 3 and can be provided as an added extra for Home Survey Level 2. Contact us for more information.

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