Row of cows at farm in Shropshire

Agricultural shows – the best in their fields

12/08/19Agricultural shows – the best in their fields

Some images epitomise the working countryside – rolling fields of wheat, a combine harvester cutting the corn, a tractor ploughing a field, or cattle being herded to milking. Though farming is changing all the time, there’s a deeply-set tradition in the British countryside that maintains that even in this most modern, digital age, sometimes the old ways are the best.

Country life

Farming and agricultural shows are still an intrinsic part of country life and an essential component of farming. There are a multitude of different shows held across the country, from huge national and international events, whose appeal transcends farming and agriculture, to localised events, such as ploughing matches or steam rallies. Some of the big events are world-renowned, such as the Royal Cheshire County Show, which is held annually in the Tabley area of Cheshire. It’s a wide-ranging festival of attractions, competition and trade stands, that attracts visitors from all over the country. The popular Shropshire County Agricultural Show is hosted on the Greenhous West Mid Showground, while the annual Royal Welsh Show is described as the pinnacle of the British agricultural calendar. This huge event, famed for its livestock competitions, takes place each year at the permanent showground at Llanelwedd, near Builth Wells, in Powys. A recent addition to the agricultural calendar took place in July 2019, when NFU Cymru organised its inaugural ‘She Who Dares’ conference in Powys, which highlighted the contribution made by women to the farming industry.

Industry events

Some events are more tangential to farming, but are still relevant to the sector. An industry event such as UK AD & Biogas in Birmingham is of interest to the farming sector, due to the rise in biogas generation using facilities based on farmland. Similarly shows that include other forms of sustainable energy generation, such as wind turbines, have relevance to landowners too. There are also localised farming shows, events and conferences that address specific aspects of farming, or highlight a particular aspect of farming life. Good examples of these are sheepdog trials of the type televised in One Man and His Dog and ploughing or hedgecutting matches, all of which have a strongly competitive edge to them.

Events such as these are celebrations of the countryside and farming in all its varied forms, and take place all year around. For businesses with links to agriculture, it’s an opportunity to attract new business from the farming community, as well as to network with current clients. Here at Forge Property Consultants, we have found that it’s useful for us to attend some of these shows, as they reflect our clientele and also the rural environment that’s a prominent locale for our business. Land and property management is an important aspect of modern farming and our presence ensures we continue to forge strong links with the farming and agricultural community.

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