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Renewable Energy

Property appraisals and feasibility studies

Prior to purchasing an alternative energy system it is advisable to obtain a feasibility study. This will consider your personal energy needs and the environment your property is situated in. We can then recommend the most cost effective method and the most environmentally friendly approach to achieve your desired results. The company works closely with a number of renewable energy developers to help you secure the best possible deal.

Wind Energy

We can advise on a suitably sized turbine, from small scale turbines for residential units to larger projects, with the aim of reducing costs, supporting a pension scheme or as a commercial enterprise. We can advise on any planning issues.


Having recently installed a biomass burner at our office, we can really see the benefits they offer when aiming to reduce energy bills and improve energy efficiency. The renewable heat incentive is a government subsidy designed to encourage 15% of the country’s heating requirements to come from renewable sources by 2020 as required by the European Union’s 2009 Renewable Energy Directive. Phase 1 has been available to non-domestic properties since November 2011 and it will be available to the domestic market during the spring of 2014. For further advice about this and how it can benefit your property please get in touch.

Solar Photovoltaic

These projects range from small scale systems on residential roofs to 2-5mW ground-mounted or commercial roof top installations. Our expertise is in the early advice stage with regards to planning and suitability. As an alternative to self funding an installation we can promote sites to a small number of trusted developers who will finance the installation and pay a rent or provide arrangements to offset electricity costs.


Our expertise lies in the micro and small scale hydro schemes designed to produce energy for farms and rural communities. If you have water running through your land, please get in touch to discuss the potential it has for electricity generation to reduce your energy bills

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A small wind turbine on a mast

Solar Panels for photo voltaic electricity generation

A weir for hydro-electricity generation